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Digital craftsmanship
Uformit lets the modern-day artist digitally craft any design, and like the artisans of generations past, invite you to decide the final touch. This is where traditional craftsmanship, design and cutting-edge 3D printing technology all comes together. Experience the industrial revolution 3.0 with us!
Quality designs
The designs on Uformit are made by talented digital artists from around the globe. Uformit is where you come to find high-quality interactive design.
Personalize the design
The ultimate personalization is the incorporation of your own biometric data in a design. Look for the «Biometric data» menu beside the design to see whether it can be personalized with your own data.
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U Form It!
Easily adjust design parameters to create a unique product. The designer has made a design with potentially infinite variations and now it’s up to you to decide your favorite iteration.
Made for you
When you have formed the design to your liking, it will be produced on-order just for you. The designs are produced using sophisticated 3D printing technology, which allows for one-off production in a selection of quality materials.
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Easy modeling right in your browser
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On uformit, you can easily form the presented design by adjusting slider values and selecting your 3D facescan as biometrical input. Unfortunately, your browser does not support WebGL, the technology needed to display the formed product.
We can help you with enabling WebGL in your browser.
Please note that Safari, even with WebGL enabled, is not able to display the story on this specific page, but you'll be able to use it on all the other pages on this site.
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Products created by talented designers
uformit - making design
Twist Pendant
by Leigh McLoughlin
by uformit
Self Portrait Mask
by Joshua Harker
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